Mission, vision, objectives and values


The Université de Montréal Marguerite-d’Youville Research Chair on Humanistic Nursing Interventions has the mission to promote and support research, training and knowledge exchange on how to develop and evaluate interventions (clinical, training and management) for care delivery based on humanistic principles, in collaboration with individuals, families, communities, nurses and other health professionals, educators, administrators, policy makers and researchers.


To work together to improve and maintain how humanistic care is provided to individuals, families and communities.


  • To continue the work of Marguerite d'Youville and perpetuate her humanistic spirit; 
  • To analyze the needs of individuals, families and communities with respect to their health experiences; 
  • To develop humanistic support strategies that will enhance the quality of the care experience for individuals, families and communities; 
  • To evaluate nursing interventions with individuals, families and communities;
  • To develop a continuing education program that will promote humanism in the support provided to individuals, families and communities;
  • To develop interventions that sensitize nurses to the importance of providing humanistic, compassionate and comforting care, in order to help maintain human dignity and promote resilience.


  • Openness 
  • Equality 
  • Human dignity 
  • Collectivism


The visual identity of the Chair attempts to translate its mission, vision and objectives into an image. The heart, formed by the initials M and Y, recalling Marguerite d’Youville , embraces an outstretched hand representing the humanistic care provided by nurses to individuals, families and communities, which are symbolized by three brightly coloured spheres. This visual identity is accompanied by the slogan To Care with Humanism and Science, which summarizes the philosophy of the Chair.