Learning to Become a Caregiver

Online training for caregivers of seniors newly diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or another neurocognitive disorder

Learning to Become a Caregiver is an online training and support program designed for caregivers of a relative  recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This program is designed for caregivers of a person aged 65 and older who have recently received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or another neurocognitive disorder. It aims to provide early support for caregiver in their new role and to prevent the potential fatigue  associated with caring for a relative  living with Alzheimer's disease or another neurocognitive disorder.

Learning to Become a Caregiver is a web-based training program taken over a 7-week period, with weekly sessions of approximately 60 to 90 minutes each. In the comfort of his home, the caregiver engages in computer-based readings and exercises. Caregivers in the program receive individual guidance and support from a health professional (a tutor) as they complete the various steps of the training. Throughout the training, caregivers will have the option of sharing with other caregivers who are in the same situation as them, through a private discussion forum.

In summary, the content of the Learning to Become a Caregiver program covers:
1. Your perceptions of your caregiving situation;
2. How to cope with the challenges of being a caregiver and avoid psychological distress (coping strategies);
3. How to communicate and spend enjoyable time with your relative who has Alzheimer’s disease;
4. How to use your strengths and experiences to care for your relative;
5. How to involve family and friends;
6. Getting to know your community’s resources, how to use them and prepare for the future; and
7. Looking back at what you have learned and accomplished during the program.

Learning to Become a Caregiver was developed and evaluated by the Chaire Desjardins en soins infirmiers à la personne âgée et à la famille teams, and the Marguerite-d'Youville Research Chair in Humanistic Nursing Interventions. This training program has been the subject of research projects, and they have confirmed that it has positive results on the quality of life of the caregivers who have taken it.

Comments from family caregivers:

"I am delighted with this training; I appreciated all the exchanges... and I have tools to face the situation with my father. My anxiety level has decreased, as I'm not in the unknown! I apply the tips, and it works very well."

"I felt supported throughout the program and learned a lot. I cannot express how pleasant and comforting each of our contacts was for me. Thanks to your guidance and support, I am gradually adapting to the situation, but there is a lot of stress. Not feeling alone is so important."

This program is now offered by l'Appui pour les proches aidants.

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